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    Meet Our Speakers from SLC 2013

    The Critical Step in DIY Blogging (That’s Often Forgotten) 


    By: Melanie Blodgett

    One time I had a pretty good idea. I executed that idea at a party and then posted it on my blog. But I made a mistake. I didn’t edit it well and had the idea hidden in the post and not the star of the post. It did not make the splash I was hoping it would. Then, about six months later, another blogger executed the same idea but it was edited expertly and the post went viral. In fact, this was three years ago and I’m still seeing it all over the place. It was then that I really realized, the editing is just as important as creating the content.

    There are a lot of factors that contribute to a well done DIY post, but one of the most critical steps is editing. Yet, it’s so often overlooked or forgotten. I get it, by the time I’ve come up with the idea, created the object, and photographed the steps, the last thing I want to do is spend several hours editing the photos and the post. But that last step can take the post from simply liked to a huge hit. So my suggestion to you is to create your own editing checklist and then mentally go through it every time you’re about to publish a post. Here are some suggestions for ideas you could ask yourself: 

    - Does the opening photo let your readers know what the post is about right away? Does it make you want to keep on reading?

    - Are the instructions written clearly? Do you have photos showing the more complicated steps?

    - Are there any typos or grammar mistakes?

    - Did you include detailed photos?

    - Is the post consistent with the rest of your content?

    - Is there anything you could do to improve the post? Even if it means retaking the photos?

    Okay, let’s edit our little hearts out. 


    Want to know more about DIY blogging? Check out Melanie's class on the Alt Channel! 


    Networking With Authenticity

    By: Sara Urquhart. Photo by: Justin Hackworth

    If a phrase like, “Your network is your net worth,” sounds painfully cliché, it’s probably because, like most clichés, it’s quite true. The value of networking in today’s business and blogging world is undeniable.

    From the beginning, the intention of Alt has been to build bloggers’ networks. Networking is simply a matter of connecting dots, and Alt helps people develop those valuable working relationships that connect the dots from one business’s needs to another business’s solutions. If someone is looking to go to Point B, and your relationship can help them get there faster, you’ve connected a dot, and you’ll likely both benefit from it.

    Network with authenticity and value by:

    Listening carefully and openly

    • Being honest, confident and relaxed
    • Making your interest in helping others clear
    • Being memorable with a funny story or moment (that’s organic to the conversation!)
    • Not leading with your “big ask”; focus first on understanding needs
    • Offering to connect someone with other people when the need is outside your area

    If you’re having a great conversation that helps move your work, or another’s work, forward in an interesting and useful way, you’re networking, and you’re having the right conversation.


    Set Yourself Up For Success

    By: Jennifer Little

    Today is all about making your shoots at home as successful as possible. I hope to offer you some tips that will make your family shoots work for you so that you are happy with your photos for years to come.

    Clear the Clutter

    Keep the background and foreground simple and free of distractions. Let the focus of your photo be on your subjects. Remove miscellaneous toys, laundry, snacks and groceries from the photo. Feel free to keep large-scale architectural elements such as lamps, accessories and artwork in the photo as long as they don’t render all the attention. Clean photos will give you a fresh modern feel.

    Click to read more ...


    Alt Summer Conferences: Be Ready

    By: Sara Urquhart

    The Alt summer conferences offer so many opportunities for building your business and your network. Be prepared to make the most of them with these suggestions.

    1. Know what you want. You’ll get the most out of Alt by establishing clear intentions. Are you hoping to meet new friends, collaborators, or business partners? Looking for opportunities to contribute on other blogs? Hoping to connect with sponsors? Or just seeking inspiration and advice from the Alt community? Approach Alt with one or two goals in mind, and use them to guide your conversations and interactions.

    2. Be flexible. Remember that great things often happen when we’re least expecting them. Be open-minded about unexpected directions or conversations, and you might walk away with an opportunity you’d never dreamed of.

    3. Share openly, and listen well. Introduce yourself and your work with confidence and listen respectfully as others share their work and thoughts. Offer assistance, connections and introductions in the spirit of helpfulness that characterizes the Alt community.

    4. Plan for success. Shortly after Alt, make an appointment with yourself (and keep it!) to review your notes and create a plan to implement your new ideas. All the great things you learned will serve you best when you put them into action.


    Great Inspiring Family Photography Blogs

    By: Jennifer Little

    Because you can never have too much inspiration, I have posted a few blogs that are amazing at capturing family at home.

    1. The Glow
    2. You are my wild
    3. Katie’s Pencil Box
    4. Pink Pistachio
    5. Little Household (our family blog)

    And because you can never read too much on how your camera operates, I am sharing a few wonderful, easy to understand posts on how to use your camera.

    1. Picture Taking by Katie’s Pencil Box
    2. Here’s Marla… by Fly Through Our Window

    If you are really looking to get serious with photography, you should hop over to CreativeLIVE and you can learn everything you ever wanted to know!

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