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    Buzz From Alt
    Meet Our Speakers from SLC 2013


    Tickets to Alt SLC sold out fast!

    If you want a ticket, reach out on Twitter or Facebook to find available tickets. 

    If a ticket holder wants to sell, she has until December 31, 2012 to sell her ticket to a willing buyer. The change in the registration can be made by the original ticket holder through her Eventbrite account. Instructions are here

    Alt does not participate in person-to-person transfers. Attendees are responsible for executing those transfers, making sure they get paid through Paypal, US Mail or whatever other means the parties decide. (Or, if you are buying the registration, you are responsible to make sure you're dealing with someone legitimate who will transfer the registration to you).

    After December 31, 2012, transfers are no longer available. 

    Good luck!